Here several years ago, the Ole Miss alumni contracted me to shuttle students on certain nights and to certain school events. Thus Carbo Limo and Rebel Ride businesses were created. I had this website built and geared it towards the University of Mississippi naturally as they are who I serve. Being a cash starved startup business, I had a friend who had built a few websites to help me create something simple just so the people would know who to contact. My friend scanned an Ole Miss license plate that HE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR, added the contact numbers with the game schedules below and away we went. Since that time I have added approximately 15 more vehicles to keep up with the demand and other work brought in by word of mouth from students and alumni.

Fast forward to October 28, 2009, when I receive a phone call from some upscale ambulance chaser saying he represents the University of Mississippi, who demands I remove the picture of the license plate as it is a "indicia of the University". To be nice, I had the picture removed. Inadvertently, The WORDS "Ole Miss Football" were left where the schedule was. Thus resulting in an email from "the upscale ambulance chaser, Associate General Counsel, xxxxxxxxxxxxx Licensing Company" asking that that also be removed. Jeez, I'm infringing on a trademark by saying Ole Miss Football? If that's the case then the whole state of Mississippi is in trouble.

Now if I was bootlegging Ole Miss merchandise, I might understand Mr. Ambulance Chasers zealously against this site. But since I don't do merchandise, what gives? Do a Google image search on Ole Miss and you will find over THREE MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND hits. Yes that's right, over 3,750,000 images. And lo and behold, the infamous license plate is there too  http://www.pickupspecialties.com/Hammerhead2/Ole_Miss_Plate.jpg Do an Ole Miss logo's search and the hit's expand to over FIVE MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED TWENTY THOUSAND (5,820,000)  Do each and every one of these pay a royalty fee to Mr. Ambulance Chaser's firm or get phone calls and harassing email? SOMEBODY NEEDS TO GET A LIFE.

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